Scott Ledbetter
Isometric iPhone mockups of Marqeta Support A few views of Marqeta's support interface

Marqeta support

One of the key tenets of a best-in-class developer experience is to keep your users unstuck. This means addressing questions and concerns in a format that is easy to reference and easy to use. Marqeta support serves to do just that – by means of consumable articles categorized, indexed, and organized in a way that developers needs them the most. Additionally, it acts as a portal for live customers to submit tickets and get human help.

Role Design lead, front-end When August – October, 2019 Company Marqeta Explore the site
Screenshot of a support article Articles include crosslinks to related and recently viewed articles to give more context to the user's problem
Animated GIF of support form submission Feedback is progressively gathered based on the user's intent

The sitemap was designed to be relatively flat as we wanted information to be discoverable without needing to dig too deep within nested pages. We also made mission-critical actions like search, submitting a support ticket, or reviewing ticket at the very top of the sitemap hierachy to ensure those features were easily found.

A sitemap The sitemap for Marqeta support
Submit a request form A simple ticketing form
404 page with illustration of a telescope A fun 404 page

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