Scott Ledbetter
Creative illustration of the human brain The cover treatment of a stylized brain with neurons firing

Dignity Health annual report

The Dignity Health Neurological Institute releases an annual document to summarize their year’s performance and discuss what they hope to achieve in the next. The complex data, statistics, and terminology included in this report was to be presented in a way that was easy to digest and make conclusions from while remaining aesthetically inviting

Role Design lead When June 2016 Company Wallrich Creative Communications

I created imagery that reflects how the human brain works, both anatomically and scientifically. The lights, which represent synapses, are in shades of the institute’s purple branding hues. This same treatment is reflective throughout the 30-page document. The design parameters allow for big, beautiful imagery, and clean graphics for easy understanding of data.

A few annual reports mocked up to show various pages Photography was a mix on-site and stock
The annual report open to show a data visualization page The report has many data and graph treatments

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