Scott Ledbetter
Mockup of Marqeta Docs website A showcase of Marqeta docs.

Marqeta docs

Marqeta offers a flexible API that innovative businesses can use to issue payment cards. With a robust API comes the need for easy to consume documentation. For this project, my team and I redesigned the Marqeta documentation site – prioritizing consumption of knowledge for developers. The interface was designed to support Marqeta's rapidly scaling product.

Role Design lead When November 2019 – Present Company Marqeta Explore the docs
Process wireframes for Marqeta Docs project The site's design is minimal with an emphasis on clean typography and whitespace to frame content.
Three iPhone mockups of Marqeta Docs on mobile We priortized supporting a mobile experience so that material can be accessed wherever our developers need it.
Widgets are embeded within documentation so that developers can explore the API without reaching for other tooling.
To ensure users can let us know how to improve, code blocks and images are paired with lightweight feedback modules.
Code snippets in both dark and light mode Users can choose between light and dark mode code blocks.

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