Veritas Accounting

Web Design / Front-end / Branding

The finished logo for Veritas Accounting.


Veritas Accounting, a newly established accounting firm in the Sacramento area, wanted a look and feel that set them apart from the standard garb of similar companies. As such, they wanted materials that were eye-catching, modern, but not without feelings of experience and security. I was head designer for this project while working at Wallrich Creative Communications.


I developed a mark made up of four lines in varying length that join to form a cohesive diamond shape. This represents the reliable, multi-faceted service of the company. Additionally, symbolism of cooperation and stability is further emphasized with an ability for the logo to be used as a pattern. The dependable palette and devices transfer over to an informative website, paired with imagery that helps enforce their goals and values without coming across as boring.

The logo allows for a tiling pattern to further incorporate the mark into other scenarios as a graphical element.

Fully responsive!

The branding was implemented on a website I designed and developed. The graphic stylings and colors are accompanied by relevant and vibrant imagery to further provide insight into the Vertias’s work and aid in public perception.

The finished website.