Mullen & Filippi

Web Design / Front-end

A couple of the pages on an iPhone.


A Sacramento law firm was in dire need of a modern web-refresh. The scope of the work was not just to modernize their out-of-date UI, but to implement very robust functionality throughout the website, including a compensation calculator, new file referral system, and multi-parameter attorney search. Distancing themselves from archaic legal imagery and aesthetics was also an important intent. I was head designer, and a developer on the project while at Wallrich Creative Communications. This website is currently under development.


In a saturated market of law-firms flooding the world with stock photography of gavels and scales, I wanted this site’s design to let the user breath, and not be further overwhelmed by whatever situation led them to seek legal help. The typography is clean and functional, while still lending aid to the firm’s brand and updated look. All functionality was designed to work very well across various desktop and mobile viewports. This is a custom WordPress site.

Their old web design, for reference, needed a complete overhaul in order to work in the modern day web landscape.

Wireframing page templates.

As always, the first step was to wireframe the interface, and ensure all functionality was thought out before beginning the design process. The wireframes referenced a site map so that navigation would come easy to a user.

Page mockups.

The web design became a modernized version of their previous space. Elements and styles were kept consistent across the site to create cohesion and a non-jarring experience.

The finished product!

The finished website will be responsive across all platforms, of course. These transitions from viewport to viewport were accounted for in the design process to help make development easier for me and the team.