Gulliver’s Travels

Print / eBook

The finished book, which is entirely hand-bound and designed from scratch.


Redesign a banned book, giving the reader insight into why it was censored.


I designed a book for Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. The book was originally banned for vulgar content, which I in turn set in large, bright red type to highlight the text, rather than hiding it as it was originally. Aesthetically, I wanted to book to appear aged and unadorned, as the story is told in the perspective journal entries. The pages are set on off-white, and the type in Caslon, adding to the historic theme. The cover is covered in a woven fabric to give the reader tactile delight, and the project was entirely by hand.

Close-up of the spine.

One of the controversial sections.


Exploring an eBook as an alternate user experience, I designed the book for a less obtrusive read. I felt it was important to create a solution that didn’t detract too much from Swift’s intended use. As the user scrolls when reading, graphic elements relating to the plot interact subtly with the text in surprising ways.

The iPad cover page.

Section of the book where Gulliver gets tied up, hence the line treatment.