DR Welch


All full suit of branding materials.


D|R Welch, a California law practice, specializes in the touchy and ever-evolving subject of medical marijuana legality. Rather than fall into the sea of trite imagery that typically accompanies such businesses, they wanted to develop a brand that conveyed modernity and professionalism. As a result, they would be perceived as a reputable and trustworthy from those seeking their legal services. I was head designer on this project while at Wallrich Creative Communications.


After much ideation and refinement, I arrived at a clean wordmark that emphasizes their name, with some extra personality. The negative space does a lot of work in the first part of the logo, allowing for minimalism that doesn’t sacrifice visual interest for a clean aesthetic. The result works well in a modern environment, using a humanist typeface instead of a geometric alternative, to help the brand maintain character while remaining professional. The color selection became more vibrant than a typical law firm, but as such puts D|R Welch outside of the mold to further enhance a public perception of forward-thinking.

The finished logo was the winner of multiple ideations. The stronger characteristics of a few were combined into the finished product.

The mark was refined with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring all forms, spacing, and typography were properly set.

Multiple spot color combinations were presented to the client, each of which was chosen for personality and uniqueness.

D|R Welch’s final logo and color selection. The result is a clean, confident, modern wordmark.

A brand guide was created to ensure assets would be consistent across various platforms and medium.