American River Brewing Co.

Branding / Packaging

The finished logo matches the rustic, Californian aesthetic of the company


I took it upon myself to mock up a redesign of American River Brewing Company’s branding and packaging to have cohesive design and a recognizable, versatile logo that tied in with the aesthetic of California’s great America River.


While redesigning the logo I wanted to create a mark that said a lot with just typography. The font I chose exemplifies the power and authority of the actual American River, which I think goes hand-in-hand with the brewery’s damn good beer. The labels are now consistent; the only differences are the copy and texture between different brews. This helps create unity between their different products, and allows the consumer (who may not know what an Irish Red tastes like) to get an idea of what they are getting into through the backgrounds’ hints.

Different bottle designs for an assortment of beers.