I covet the process of working through a design or technical problem and arriving at a solution I can be proud of. Even better, to design in a way that captivates and delights those who experience my work. The entire design process, from initial sketch to finished product, gives me fulfillment and happiness. My drive to learn and expand my creative palette is forever ongoing. My interests and experience lie in print, web, information design, user interaction/experience, and branding.

I started my design career at California State University, Chico, where I received my design BA, with a minor in photographic studies. While enrolled I held the positions of art director and advertising manager for my school’s award-winning newspaper, and sole designer for our campus recreation facility, where I branded events and regulated extensive digital display content. I’m thankful to have graduated as the outstanding design student, as awarded to me by the College of Communication Design faculty.

I began work immediately after graduation, as a full-time freelancer at Glass Agency, an advertising agency in Sacramento, California. After working there, my career led me to Wallrich Creative Communications, a boutique design and advertising agency where I work as a studio designer, working in both classic print and branding skills, and front-end technical development.

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